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February 12, 2011

The Importance Of Choosing Stand Up Freezer

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In the case of selecting a freezer, people are baffled as to which type of freezer to choose from. There are two types offered and both of them have their own functionality and characteristics. The most preferred model of freezers is the stand up freezer. It stands straight like a wardrobe.

The height is generally different from model to model and from brand to brand. Certain models have one front door while some others have double doors. If the length and girth of the stand up freezer is large, it is convenient to have two doors. You have upright freezers with two pairs of half doors; two half doors each on both sides. The advantage of having half doors is that you have to open simply that door to get items placed in that compartment.

Stand up freezers bring elegance and style to your kitchen or room where it is kept because these freezers are brilliantly colored and attractively crafted. You can buy a freezer of any color to suit the decoration of your room. A stand up freezer is best for those who don’t like to bend often and want to use the freezer very frequently. As upright freezers don’t require much floor space, they can be accommodated even in compact rooms. Some of the upright freezers have auto-defrost functionality.

The next preference is a chest freezer. While it could possibly store more things as compared to a stand up freezer, they require a lot of space. You need to have special area for placing these giant sized chest freezers. The other thing is the dull appearance of the chest freezer. They are not as vibrant and attractive as the stand up freezers. The person requires to bend every time he has to access something from the freezer.

A chest freezer lacks the cabins and compartments that an upright freezer provides. The way the door is operated is also not very easy. You have to either lift up the lid or push a glass cover to open the chest freezer. Although a chest freezer is cheaper and more energy efficient compared to an upright freezer, it lacks the look and convenience. If your budget is not very tight and you are interested in style and elegance, a stand up freezer may be the correct choice for you.

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