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September 22, 2010

The Vintage Feel of Reproduction Cookstoves

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Usually a homeowner is looking for a cookstove that works and vaguely goes with the existing kitchen. Now and again, certain people look for a stove that sets a stage. Every so often, though, a person would prefer a cookstove which changes a kitchen into the proper heart of a home. While they are a bit pricey, reproduction cookstoves have the appearance of that appliance your mother or grandmother would have cooked with quite a few Sunday dinners ago. In this article are reviews of three exemplary cookstoves which recall three different eras of home cooking. Another great model to consider is Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Breadmaker.

The Heartland Company manufactures a few very homey but very hefty Victorian-styled wood burning cookstoves. Heartland recreates the Oval Woodstoves which have been warming homes and helping to prepare suppers for over one hundred years. The benefit with Heartland Oval Woodstoves, however, is that these stoves include some handy 21st century features.

Heartland Woodstoves are actual woodstoves which could still efficiently heat a house – up to 1800 square feet – and with their fresh air kit, water jacket and heat shield, this wood burning stove will be perfectly suited to a 21st century home. If you’d rather employ coal for your stove fuel, a coal grate option is available. This stove has an enameled exterior offered in five colors with a nickel trim, and may be acquired for about $5000. Another nice option is the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Breadmaker.

If you prefer working with electric or gas cookstoves and would like to move a little further nearer in time, Aga provides European-designed stoves that duplicate 1930s and 40s fashions. These big, brawny ranges appear as substantial as Grandma’s biscuits, but Grandma didn’t cook on an appliance as convenient as this model. Aga’s Legacy 44” cookstoves can be ordered with both solid and cathedral-window doors, and they are available as electric or dual fuel cookstoves. The dual-fuel cookstove enables you to cook with natural or LP gas. This appliance is able to preheat in less than 5 minutes and includes seven programmable functions including defrost and convection bake. The Aga Legacy is a lot of appliance with a lot of heritage, which nearly justifies the $7300 investment.

If your favorite decade for kitchens is complimented with poodle skirts and Marilyn Monroe, then you ought to check out the cookstoves from the Northstar Line from Elmira Stove Works. These stoves benefit from retro 50s styling with sealed gas burners, convection oven options and an LED display clock. For somewhere near $4000, you could cook with one of Northstar’s nifty cookstoves in either of nine colors and the option of subtle or over-the-top chrome accents. Another good item to look into is the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Breadmaker.

Most often a cookstove is merely a tool. Sometimes, a cookstove might become a home décor element. In some rare cases, though, cookstoves could evoke an era of nuclear families, stovetop percolators and a lifestyle that made sense. If you want a reproduction cookstove, then odds are that one of the aforementioned manufacturers would help you to equip your dream kitchen.

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