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Sabatier Knife Sets Review

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You will never find a better quality knife than that produced by the Sabatier family of Theirs, France. Dating back to the 12th century, knife making in this town has been a tradition. In 1884, Pierre Theirs opened a family knife-making factory and the name has been highly respected since.

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Today's Thiers factory continues to create the finest knives in all of France, each one of the forty employees a master craftsman; so skilled that often they are contracted to make special tools in the medical, automobile and defense industry. Totally hand crafted, you will not find any computerized mass production in a set of Sabatier knives.

Forged thinner than German made knives, the sleek and finely tapered Sabatier knife hold an edge easily making every cut clean and precise. As the knife moves from tip to bolster, it broadens to a more triangular shape, giving it a greater sweep in each cut. The razor-sharpness does all of your work and because of the rounded bolster, you are able to grip the knife high at the base for greater control.

Fully forged indicates that the blade, bolster and tang are forged from one piece of steel and after a complex double heating process, the handles are riveted on. The last step is what is referred to as the "fully forged" technique where local skilled artisans hand shape and sharpen each blade by hand.

Available in sets for the general public, you will treasure a 5-piece Sabatier set with a 4'' paring knife, wide 6" "BonVivant" chef's knife, 8" and 10" chef's knives plus a sharpening steel to take proper care of your selection. Color in handles come in choices of rosewood, green or white micarta. Stamina handles are well known for their strength and beauty. Made of natural wood, covered with durable resin and topped off with brass rivets for a rich look, everyone will know that you have an original Sabatier.

Also available for the gourmet in your household is the Sabatier Loire 20-piece wood cutlery block set complete with 8-inch chef, 8-inch slicer, 8-inch bread, 7-inch Santoku, 6-inch cleaver, 5-inch utility, 3 1/2-inch paring knife, 6-inch bayonet fork, 8 4 ½-inch steak knives, sharpening steel, poultry and kitchen shears in a beautiful Pakka wood block. What a treat for someone who loves to cook!

A perfect wedding gift is the Sabatier Stead Lisse 6-piece set in red bubinga box. Popular all over the world, the set features the Yatagan blade that has a slight upward curve prominent to the famous Turkish Sword. Placed in a beautiful red bubinga box, your guests will know that they are in for a fine dining expose when these knives are brought out. There is also a matching set of the Master Carving set, just as elegant.

Be careful when choosing your Sabatier knife set, as there are many copycats today that present their cutlery as the original thing. Chefs can see past the inferior quality immediately. Only chose a dealer reputable in quality goods and request information on the manufacturer. This way you will be assured that you are purchasing only the original line by Sabatier.

 See Lowest Prices on Popular Sabatier Knife Sets

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