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Wusthof Knife Block Set

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Wusthof knife block set offers professional knives of the renowned Wusthof Cutlury Company. Purchasing your preferred wusthof knives in the set offers an easy and appropriate storage of the knives and significant savings compared to buying single pieces.


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The set consists of 4-1/2" Utility Knife, 3-1/2" Paring Knife, 8" Bread Knife, 8" Chef's Knife, Kitchen Shears, 9" Sharpening Steel, and 17 Slot Cherry Block. The knives in Wusthof knife block set are made from a solo block of high carbon steel. These precision forged knives are featured with tested and extremely sharp cutting edge built with laser-controlled technology. The reliable design, solid strength, and handy characteristics make the knives very useful for your cutting and chopping needs. The full tang and triple riveted handle ensure that you hold the knives properly without taxing your wrist. This Germany made knives are really worth their prices. Hand wash is recommended for the knives to protect the edges for long.

The German company, Wusthof Dreizackwerk, Solingen is a global leader in manufacturing forged cutlery that offers best precision. You can obtain detail information from the company website.

The knives created from a stain free single piece, high carbon steel which is different from conventional stainless steel. These are thicker and better than other cheap grade stainless steels which are mostly used for producing normal knives. Each blade of Wusthof knife block knife set is having Rockwell hardness reading of 56. This standard of hardness is perfect for the professional operations. The edges of the blades are hand honed, and a finger guard protects your finger while you perform your chopping or cutting task. The finger guard is the wide space of the knife blade in between handle and the edge which prevents a careless finger to slip and move forward toward the side of the blade.

Another wusthof knife block set is a 10-piece knife set. As per the length of the knives the set constitutes of trim knife of 2 3/4 inch, straight paring knife of 3 inch, 31/2 inch long paring knife, 4 1/2 inch long utility knife, 6 inch long sandwich knife, 8 inch long bread knife, 8 inch long cooks knife, 9 inch long sharpening steel rod, and pair of cooks shears. All these knives are nicely arranged in a 17-slot block made of cherry wood that helps the user to use and maintain the knives easily.

Each of these knives will feel solid in your hand. Each one is perfectly balanced. Another interesting feature of the knives is the enjoyable grip, but not to the extent where you should feel strenuous holding a knife by its handle and cutting for hours. The largest knife in the set is the 8" cooks knife and the smallest one is the 2 3/4" trim knife. You will feel slicing very convenient with any one of the knives of your set.

Sharpening your knives requires your skill. The ideal method of sharpening the knives is described in the official website of the company.

Get Great Deals on Popular Wusthof Knife Block Sets