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Wusthof Classic Knife Set Review

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Wustof Classic is the high-end series of the different varieties of knives produced by the company. The knives are produced in Soligen, Germany. These hugely popular knives are made of a finely finished single piece of cast steel.


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The Wusthof Classic knife sets are available for performing your various kitchen operations related to chopping and cutting. You can ornament your collection of cutlery with the 3-piece Wusthof Classic knife set. This set is perfect for slicing, peeling, garnishing, paring, and grinding. Wusthof Classic Prep Set has 4-1/2 inch multiprep knife, 3-1/2 inch paring knife, and kitchen shears. With one set of knives you can carry out all your kitchen functions effortlessly. The blades are forged from the best quality German steel and are laser tested and hand-honed. The various other features of the set that make it distinct are the extensive bolsters, riveted handles, ergonomic grip, and full-tang construction. Hand wash is the best option for the knives if you wish to maintain its sharp edges for years.

This set is one of the best products produced by the famous Wusthof Cutlery Company. The reliability and utility of classic knife set is charming the users since ages with their unmatched superior quality. The extremely sharp and accurate edges are leaser tested to give the perfect angle for convenient cutting. The signature triple-rivet with ergonomic grip handles are made attractive with the permanent black color. A 4-1/2-inch multiprep knife functions as a compact slicer. You can comfortably slice pepperoni as well pare apples with this knife. It is incredibly useful for cutting almost everything like fish to herbs. The 3-1/2 inch parer is best for trimming, peeling, and also for preparing the vegetables for garnishing. The shears are put separate for convenient cleaning.

Wusthof Cook's knife set is an ideal collection which includes an 8" Cooks knife, 9" Carving knife, 3.5" parer, as well as sharpening steel. The entire range of Wusthof classic knives are hand-forged and produced following 38 stringent manufacturing steps by a group of expert craftsmen. The edges of the knives are given the incredible sharpness by hardening the high standard carbon stainless steel blades employing the state-of-the-art machineries. Full tangs give the knives just the right balance with engrossed, easy to hold composition handles.

People often do not hone the blades regularly which, in long run, spoils the effectiveness of the cutting blades. Please remember to sharpen your knife regularly for the best performance. You will need a steel unit longer than the knife for safely and accurately polish your knife. It is ideal for the longevity of your knives to hone them after every use. Hold the knife at an angle of 20° and run both the sides of the blades along the hone steel. It is better to repeat the hone nearly 10 times. While honing the blades you concentrate on the accuracy, which is more important rather than the speed. Wipe off the knives after you complete the honing.

Get Great Deals on Popular Wusthof Classic Knife Sets