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Wusthof is the reigning king among knife manufacturers. Established in 1814, Wusthof has toiled hard to reach where it is today. They use 40 distinctive methods to design their knives, which are used by the most popular chefs.

Wüsthof Classic 8-Piece Block Set


Wüsthof Classic 8-Piece Block Set

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Wusthof has a large variety of knives that are specially made to be used in leading restaurants or at home. The Eight piece classic knife block set has been crafted to make the user satisfied. These eight steak knives are available in a box carved out of mahogany.

The classic eight piece knife block set boasts of superior quality stainless steel of 18/10 high carbon notched blades. The handles are polished and are made up of synthetic fiber. This makes the user have a more firm grip on the knives. The eight knives have been selected to solve all the kitchen purpose on a daily basis. This classic set contains a paring knife, a utility knife, a sandwich knife, a bread knife, a cook's knife, a sharpening steel measuring 9 inches, slot block and kitchen shears.

You will get knife blocks in this set, which protects the knives and maintains the soft look in the kitchen. You will feel like the chef of a five star hotel with the knives in your hand. The knives have been so made that they accompany the user for a longer period of time. The use of synthetic handle ensures that the knives remain hygienic. They also contribute to the longevity of the knives. The blades never lose their shape nor do they become easily blunt.

The knife block, being made up of sumptuous hardwood, gives the knives a different dimension. If you purchase the Wusthof classic eight piece knife block set, you will be entitled to a knife sharpener made up of carbide steel along with an Epicurean bar board.

These knives are manufactured in Germany and are available all over the world owing to their high demand. Wusthof permits the washing of the knives by hand. The blades can be easily sharpened by anyone. The ease of the user has been kept in mind. The black handle of the knives have grooves in them to prevent slipping.

The knives from Wusthof can be easily called value for money. They believe in the quality of their products. The reputation of their brand has attracted the attention of celebrities, who endorse them. The shiny surfaces of the 3.75 inch blades make them an attractive sight in the kitchen. Besides using a set for yourself in your kitchen, you can gift one too. Special storage cases are available for gifting this knife set. Chopping and cutting has never been so fulfilled and smooth as it is with the use of knives from Wusthof. This eight piece set is cost effective and can be afforded by all.

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